Security & Surveillance


We pride ourselves in providing the best security & surveillance services to our clients according to their budgets.

CCTV System

Monitoring your building and activities around it is easier with our smart CCTV services. This service support both local view and remote view from any location via the internet.
  • Equip with a different mode of surveillance
  • Different device...Different budget
  • Real-Time alert system

Intruder Alarm System

A unique system in different variation and effective against intrusion, burglary and unsanctioned movement in a building.
  • Easy to operate
  • Wide range of setup options
  • Low maintenance cost

Electric Fence

Adding extra parameter protection to your building security is an excellent way to stay above water with security issues.
  • Neat installation
  • Smart and responsive to security breaches
  • Low maintenance cost

Smart Door Lock

A smart lock is arguably the most crucial part of a brilliant, connected home. You can choose to access your smart door lock with a password, fingerprint, access card or the traditional key.
  • Biometric functionalities enabled
  • Password enabled
  • Electronic card lock
  • Manual key-lock enabled

Smart Video Doorbell

Imagine seeing who is at your door from wherever you are and communicate with them before opening your door. Privacy at its best!
  • Two way audio channel
  • Added security to your building
  • Equip with a smart camera for monitoring
  • Support WiFi and work day & night


With a budget-focus products and devices, we gauranty a swift installation process

Step 1

We make sure your need and chosen services suite your budget

Step 2

Once mobilized, we carry out installation according to industry best practices

Step 3

Once your chosen service is installed and set-up, we over a unique period of overwatch to make sure you get what you've paid for.